Data Frame

Data frames are envelopes that are transmitted and processed through a positioning model. These frames are created by source nodes (e.g. sensors) and contain one or more data objects needed to process the frame.

Data frame visualization

Creating data frames

OpenHPS is a framework that processes sensor information to retrieve a position for one or more data objects. These objects are contained within an envelope called a data frame.

import { DataObject, DataFrame } from '@openhps/core';
const myObject = new DataObject("bsigner", "Beat Signer");
const frame = new DataFrame();

A basic data frame supports the addition of objects. Extended versions of this basic data frame also add additional sensor data.

Creating a custom data frame

Similar to data objects, decorators have to be used to indicate a serializable data frame.

import {
} from '@openhps/core';
export class QRDataFrame extends DataFrame {
public rawImage: any = undefined;