OpenHPS - An Open Source Hybrid Positioning System

OpenHPS is an open source hybrid positioning system to help developers fuse various positioning technologies and algorithms. The system offers a modular data processing framework with each modules ranging from computer vision to common algorithms such as fingerprinting or data persistence of sampled data.

The framework is maintained and used by the Web and Information Systems Engineering Lab at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Read more...

Quick Start

If you have npm installed, start using @openhps/core with the following commands.

$ npm install @openhps/core --save

Then you can start by importing the model builder to create your first positioning model.

import { ModelBuilder } from '@openhps/core';
.from(/* ... */)
.via(/* ... */)
.to(/* ... */)

Latest News

  1. OpenHPS Protocol Buffers
    OpenHPS Protocol Buffers Our new module, @openhps/protobuf has been released that enables the automatic generation of protocol buffer message types for all OpenHPS classes and facilitates serialization and deserialization to lightweight buffer messages.
  2. Augmented Reality in OpenHPS
    Augmented Reality in OpenHPS In this blog post we demonstrate how we used OpenHPS to create the demo app for our recently accepted FidMark ontology paper.
  3. SemBeacon, OpenHPS and the bridge between
    SemBeacon, OpenHPS and the bridge between Our SemBeacon solution will be presented at the 13th IoT conference in Nagoya, Japan. Find out how SemBeacon, OpenHPS and POSO help to achieve interoperable positioning systems.