Interface ObjectMetadata

interface ObjectMetadata {
    beforeSerializationMethodName?: string;
    classType: Function;
    dataMembers: Map<string, ObjectMemberMetadata>;
    initializerCallback?: ((sourceObject, rawSourceObject) => Object);
    isExplicitlyMarked: boolean;
    isHandledWithoutAnnotation: boolean;
    knownTypes: Set<Serializable<any>>;
    knownTypesDeferred: (() => TypeDescriptor)[];
    name?: string;
    onDeserializedMethodName?: string;
    options?: SerializableObjectOptions<any>;
    typeHintEmitter?: TypeHintEmitter;
    typeResolver?: TypeResolver;
    processDeferredKnownTypes(): void;

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beforeSerializationMethodName?: string
classType: Function

Gets or sets the constructor function for the jsonObject.

dataMembers: Map<string, ObjectMemberMetadata>
initializerCallback?: ((sourceObject, rawSourceObject) => Object)

Type declaration

    • (sourceObject, rawSourceObject): Object
    • Parameters

      • sourceObject: Object
      • rawSourceObject: Object

      Returns Object

isExplicitlyMarked: boolean

Indicates whether this class was explicitly annotated with

Json Object

or implicitly by

Json Member

isHandledWithoutAnnotation: boolean

Indicates whether this type is handled without annotation. This is usually used for the builtin types (except for Maps, Sets, and normal Arrays).

knownTypes: Set<Serializable<any>>

Set of known types used for polymorphic deserialization

knownTypesDeferred: (() => TypeDescriptor)[]

Known types to be evaluated when (de)serialization occurs

Type declaration

    • (): TypeDescriptor
    • Returns TypeDescriptor

name?: string

Name used to encode polymorphic type

onDeserializedMethodName?: string
typeHintEmitter?: TypeHintEmitter

If present override the global function

typeResolver?: TypeResolver

If present override the global function