Interface ObjectMemberMetadata

interface ObjectMemberMetadata {
    deserializer?: ((json, params) => any);
    emitDefaultValue?: boolean;
    isRequired?: boolean;
    key: string;
    name: string;
    options?: MemberOptionsBase;
    serializer?: ((value, params) => any);
    type?: (() => TypeDescriptor);


UML class diagram of ObjectMemberMetadata
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  • JsonMemberMetadata
    • ObjectMemberMetadata


deserializer?: ((json, params) => any)

Custom deserializer to use.

Type declaration

    • (json, params): any
    • Parameters

      • json: any
      • params: CustomDeserializerParams

      Returns any

emitDefaultValue?: boolean

If set, a default value will be emitted for uninitialized members.

isRequired?: boolean

If set, indicates that the member must be present when deserializing.

key: string

Property or field key of the json member.

name: string

Member name as it appears in the serialized JSON.

serializer?: ((value, params) => any)

Custom serializer to use.

Type declaration

    • (value, params): any
    • Parameters

      • value: any
      • params: CustomSerializerParams

      Returns any

type?: (() => TypeDescriptor)

Type descriptor of the member.

Type declaration

    • (): TypeDescriptor
    • Returns TypeDescriptor