Interface SerializableObjectOptions<T>

interface SerializableObjectOptions<T> {
    beforeSerialization?: string;
    initializer?: InitializerCallback<T>;
    knownTypes?: Function[];
    name?: string;
    onDeserialized?: string;
    preserveNull?: boolean;
    typeHintEmitter?: TypeHintEmitter;
    typeResolver?: TypeResolver;

Type Parameters

  • T


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  • IJsonObjectOptions<T>
    • SerializableObjectOptions


beforeSerialization?: string

The name of a static or instance method to call before the serialization of the typed object is started.

initializer?: InitializerCallback<T>

Function to call before deserializing and initializing the object, accepting two arguments: (1) sourceObject, an 'Object' instance with all properties already deserialized, and (2) rawSourceObject, a raw 'Object' instance representation of the current object in the serialized JSON (i.e. without deserialized properties).

knownTypes?: Function[]

An array of known types to recognize when encountering type-hints.

name?: string

The name used to differentiate between different polymorphic types.

onDeserialized?: string

The name of a static or instance method to call when deserialization of the object is completed.

preserveNull?: boolean

Whether to preserve null in the JSON output. When false it will not emit nor store the property if its value is null. Default: false.

typeHintEmitter?: TypeHintEmitter

A function that will emit a type hint on the resulting JSON. It will override the global typeEmitter.

typeResolver?: TypeResolver

A function that given a source object will resolve the type that should be instantiated. It will override the global type resolver.