Interface MergeShapeOptions

interface MergeShapeOptions {
    checkInterval?: number;
    frameFilter?: ((frame) => boolean);
    maxCount?: number;
    minCount?: number;
    name?: string;
    timeout?: number;
    timeoutUnit?: TimeUnit;
    uid?: string;

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checkInterval?: number

Check interval for timeout


timeout Same as timeout
frameFilter?: ((frame) => boolean)

Frame filter to specify what frames are processed by this node

Type declaration

    • (frame): boolean
    • Parameters

      Returns boolean

maxCount?: number

Maximum number of frames to merge


inlets.length Based on the amount of inlets
minCount?: number
name?: string

User friendly name of the node Used for querying a node by its name.

timeout?: number
timeoutUnit?: TimeUnit
uid?: string

Manually set the unique identifier of the node