Class DataFrame

A data frame is information that is passed through each node in a positioning model.

DataFrame content



A data frame can be created with an optional source DataObject that represents the object responsible for generating the frame.

const dataFrame = new DataFrame(new DataObject("phone"));

Creating a custom DataFrame

Custom data frames can be created by extending the default DataFrame class. Important when handling data frames (and objects) is to add serializable decorators.

import { DataFrame, SerializableObject, SerializableArrayMember } from '@openhps/core';

export class CustomDataFrame extends DataFrame {
public customFrameAttribute: number[];

Adding DataObjects

Adding data object will clone the data objects to the data frame. Any changes made to the object after cloning will not be applied to the data frame.


  • DataFrame



createdTimestamp: number

Data frame created timestamp (ISO 8601)

phenomenonTimestamp?: number

Data frame sensor data pheonomenon timestamp (ISO 8601)

uid: string = ...

Data frame unique identifier



  • Add a new reference space relevant to this data frame.


    Returns void


    addObject Alias for addObject

  • Clear all objects


    • Optional objectFilter: ((object) => boolean)

      object filter

        • (object): boolean
        • Parameters

          Returns boolean

    Returns void

  • Get a specific object by its identifier

    Type Parameters


    • uid: string

      Object UID

    Returns T

    Data object if found

  • Get known objects used in this data frame

    Type Parameters


    • Optional dataType: (new () => T)

      Data object type

        • new (): T
        • Returns T

    Returns T[]

    Array of found data objects

  • Get known sensor objects used in this data frame

    Type Parameters


    • type: (new (uid?) => T)

      Sensor type

        • new (uid?): T
        • Parameters

          • Optional uid: string

          Returns T

    • Optional defaultUID: string

      Default UID. When sensor is not added, it will be created

    Returns T

    Found data objects

  • Check if the data frame has an object


    Returns boolean

    Object exist