OpenHPS is an open source hybrid positioning system that allows developers to fuse multiple positioning techniques and algorithms together in a graph topology. It is being developed by PhD Student Maxim Van de Wynckel as part of his research towards Hybrid Positioning and Implicit Human-Computer Interaction under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Beat Signer.

It was created as a positioning framework that can support various different positioning techniques, both during the online and offline stage.


Our repositories can be found on GitHub https://github.com/OpenHPS The CI server containing the compiled components can be found on our CI Server https://ci.mvdw-software.com/view/OpenHPS/.


Get started with OpenHPS by taking a look at the examples or the getting started guide.

Citing & Press Kit

A press kit containing logos (*.SVG, *.PNG) can be found here. Citing the OpenHPS framework should be done using the technical paper.

Van de Wynckel, M. and Signer, B.: "OpenHPS: An Open Source Hybrid Positioning System", Technical Report WISE Lab, WISE-2020-01, December 2020