Interface RelativePositionFilterOptions


UML class diagram of RelativePositionFilterOptions
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A: number | Vector3

State vector

B: number | Vector3

Control vector

C: number | Vector3

Measurement vector

Q: number | Vector3

Measurement noise

R: number | Vector3

Process noise

expire?: number
frameFilter?: ((frame: DataFrame) => boolean)

Type declaration

    • (frame: DataFrame): boolean
    • Frame filter to specify what frames are processed by this node


      Returns boolean

maxTimeDifference?: number

Maximum time different between the current time and the timestamp of the relative position.

maxValue?: number

Maximum value of a relative position

minValue?: number

Minimum value of a relative position. If the value is not reached, it is removed from the object.

name?: string

User friendly name of the node Used for querying a node by its name.

objectFilter?: ((object: DataObject, frame?: DataFrame) => boolean)

Type declaration

    • (object: DataObject, frame?: DataFrame): boolean
    • Object filter to specify what data object are processed by this node


      Returns boolean

uid?: string

Manually set the unique identifier of the node