Interface SPARQLDriverOptions

Query context when a string-based query was passed.



baseIRI?: string

The baseIRI for parsing the query.

baseUri?: `http://${string}` | `https://${string}`
datetime?: Date
deserialize?: ((obj) => any)

Type declaration

    • (obj): any
    • Parameters

      • obj: any

      Returns any

destination?: IDataDestination
engine?: IQueryEngine<IQueryContextCommon, QueryStringContext, QueryAlgebraContext>

Comunica query engine


@comunica/query-sparql QueryEngine
explain?: QueryExplainMode
extensionFunctionCreator?: ((functionNamedNode) => ((args) => Promise<Term>))

Type declaration

    • (functionNamedNode): ((args) => Promise<Term>)
    • Parameters

      • functionNamedNode: NamedNode<string>

      Returns ((args) => Promise<Term>)

        • (args): Promise<Term>
        • Parameters

          • args: Term[]

          Returns Promise<Term>

extensionFunctions?: Record<string, ((args) => Promise<Term>)>
fetch?: ((input, init?) => Promise<Response>)

Type declaration

    • (input, init?): Promise<Response>
    • Parameters

      • input: RequestInfo | URL
      • Optional init: RequestInit

      Returns Promise<Response>

functionArgumentsCache?: FunctionArgumentsCache
httpAuth?: `${string}:${string}`
httpBodyTimeout?: boolean
httpIncludeCredentials?: boolean
httpProxyHandler?: IProxyHandler
httpRetryCount?: number
httpRetryDelay?: number
httpRetryOnServerError?: boolean
httpTimeout?: number
initialBindings?: Bindings
lenient?: boolean
localizeBlankNodes?: boolean
log?: Logger
queryFormat?: QueryFormat

The format in which the query string is defined. Defaults to { language: 'sparql', version: '1.1' }

queryTimestamp?: Date

The date that should be used by SPARQL operations such as NOW().

readOnly?: boolean
recoverBrokenLinks?: boolean
serialize?: ((obj) => any)

Type declaration

    • (obj): any
    • Parameters

      • obj: any

      Returns any

source?: IDataSource
sources: [IDataSource, ...IDataSource[]]

An array of data sources the query engine must use.