Interface WorkerNodeOptions


UML class diagram of WorkerNodeOptions
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args?: any
directory?: string
imports?: string[]

Worker external imports

name?: string

User friendly name of the node Used for querying a node by its name.

optimizedPull?: boolean

Pull requests skip the worker

poolConcurrency?: number

Concurrent tasks send to the same worker in the pool

poolSize?: number

Pool size, defaults to 4 but should equal the amount of available cores - 1

services?: Service[]

Services to clone from main thread. When not specified it will clone all services



timeout?: number

Timeout spawning

type?: "classic" | "typescript" | "module"

Worker type

uid?: string

Manually set the unique identifier of the node

worker?: string

Worker runner file. When running in the browser, this is the js file named worker.openhps-core.min.js