Interface ISessionInfo

Defines the data that should be persisted for each session. This interface is exposed as part of our public API.

interface ISessionInfo {
    clientAppId?: string;
    expirationDate?: number;
    isLoggedIn: boolean;
    sessionId: string;
    webId?: string;


clientAppId?: string

The WebID of the app, or a "Public app" WebID if the app does not provide its own. undefined until the session is logged in and the app WebID has been verified.

expirationDate?: number

UNIX timestamp (number of milliseconds since Jan 1st 1970) representing the time until which this session is valid.

isLoggedIn: boolean

'true' if the session is currently logged into an associated identity provider.

sessionId: string

A unique identifier for the session.

webId?: string

The WebID if the user is logged into the session, and undefined if not.