Interface PedometerOptions

interface PedometerOptions {
    frameFilter?: ((frame) => boolean);
    maxPeak?: number;
    maxStepTime?: number;
    meanFilterSize?: number;
    minConsecutiveSteps?: number;
    minPeak?: number;
    minStepTime?: number;
    name?: string;
    peakThreshold?: number;
    stepSize?: number;
    uid?: string;
    windowSize?: number;


  • ProcessingNodeOptions
    • PedometerOptions


frameFilter?: ((frame) => boolean)

Type declaration

    • (frame): boolean
    • Frame filter to specify what frames are processed by this node


      • frame: DataFrame

      Returns boolean

maxPeak?: number

Maximum magnitude of a steps largest postive peak

maxStepTime?: number

Maximum time between two steps to be considered consecutive

meanFilterSize?: number

Amount of smoothing

minConsecutiveSteps?: number

Minimum number of consecutive steps to be counted

minPeak?: number

Minimum magnitude of a steps largest positive peak

minStepTime?: number

Minimum time in seconds between two steps

name?: string

User friendly name of the node Used for querying a node by its name.

peakThreshold?: number

Minimum ratio of the current window's maximum to be considered a step

stepSize?: number

Step size in meters

uid?: string

Manually set the unique identifier of the node

windowSize?: number

Length of the window in seconds